The End Times?

Yo yo yo! Hello everybody. So today we have posted up a show labelled ‘The End Times?’. I would encourage you to listen to the show for an extended chat from Wayne and I (its fairly short) but I felt the need to write a short statement to accompany it.

Over the last 8+ years, we’ve been on this hobby journey with you all via the podcast. It has been an amazing ride for us, we’ve literally travelled the world through this hobby, met so many cool people, many of whom are now life long friends (have a look at the warhammer community article I did at launch). We’ve had our hobby lives, our ups and downs shared with you guys and gals the whole time and I couldn’t think of a better bunch of people to have done that with.

We are at a point with the show where listener figures have not only returned the glory times of 7th, but are exceeding them. The community is an amazing place. NewGamesWorkshopTM are smashing it out the park with their approach, and we can only thank them for there interaction and support with us as show.

Sadly, despite all this, life has become somewhat busy outside of the hobby. For those thinking of getting into podcasting, if you really want to try and do a thorough and professional job, you need time. A lot of time. In many ways it becomes a part time job. One of the best part time jobs going for sure, but you still need time for that job. Unfortunately that time no longer exists for Wayne and I.

My current day job (I run a few businesses) have experienced continued exceptional growth in the past few years and it has slowly eaten more and more into my personal life. Whilst my primary aim at the moment is to reclaim some more work life balance, the simple fact is at the present time it isn’t there. In addition to this the fact I have a wonderful son added to my family not even a year ago and time really is a problem. All of this lack of balance affects health and family relationships, so needed some prompt adjustment.

Wayne also is in a completely different work situation, as he puts it - he no longer paints at work, he’s the guy sacking the guy painting at work 🙂

We’ve therefore taken the decision to put the show into slumber, with the future uncertain. We we review this late in the year. We may return, if we do it could be the same format, could be different. We could even return as a blog instead, or maybe something in between - at this stage we really don’t know. We could even burn down the our existing site and history, return as a 4 page blog with a round webpage and no point to the show. I think this has been done somewhere before tho….

Lets be clear though - we are not giving up the hobby - far from it. In fact we have at least 4 events planned this year and will still be all over twitter etc. In many ways, it will probably free us up to do more hobby in the future, as currently any free time goes into the show production and research.

For those amazing fans who support us via the SAWC - thank you. It really is heartwarming to see the love and support for the show, even more so when people part with actual money to listen to us! If you have bought a SAWC subscription recently, obviously you have a giant back catalogue to keep you busy. That said, we wouldn’t want anyone to feel like they’d just bought a series of say, books and then they all became useless in a reboot…….. or similar, so if you have bought a SAWC sub in the past 3 months and would like a refund, ping me an email and I will sort that for you. If you decide to not get a refund, and we do return, all existing SAWC members at this point will receive 12 months free. Any money not refunded for now will go towards getting the site and podcast hosted for the rest of the year.

Finally I would like to do a few ‘thank yous’, and if I miss you - apologies. Its early in the morning and I am still waking up.

Thank you to:

Our wives, for being crazy enough to support us over the years
All the guys at Games Workshop for your support and interaction.
Our sponsors past and present
Our regular guests over the years (Alan Thompson, Bryan Carmichael, Simon Hyett, Russ Veal etc)
…and of course, you the listener and community. Without your support and feedback over the years we simply would have stopped. Hopefully we were able to repay this support somewhat with our commitment to providing you all with something to listen to, especially in those early dark days of the WFB to AOS change, with only Sigmar’s light to guide us, our aim was to be a beacon of hope to you all.

Hopefully this isn’t The End, but if it is, we are content with our achievements, blessed and better for the experience with our time with you all on the hobby journey. See you in the Mortal Realms.


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