Episode 88: You Dirty Rat

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Yo yo yo Fans!

Its that time again, last day of the month is HeelanHammer time!

On today’s show our main topic is a look again at Skaven, as a request from a listener. There are plans to continue this topic in further depth analysing various lists, on a SAWC show in the near future.

Ep88: You Dirty Rat
00:01 Intro and News
00:05 Topic: Skaven re-visit (general concepts, builds and tactics)
00:49 “The War Room”: Anti Skaven tactics
01:00 “Just Dip It”: How to paint Skaven quickly
01:14 “Show us your Tips!”: Discussion on uses of plastic stripping
01:24 “Story of the week”: Discussion of a game this week
01:37 “Beardy Wierdy Weeks”: What we have been doing in the hobby
01:42 Sponsor info, contact details, SAW-C section discussion and outro

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