SAW-C Section

Yo yo yo!

So, you have heard of the SAW-C Section (The Super Awesome Wargamers Club) and wonder how to get yourself a load of extra listening? Well you are in the right place!
For your contribution to supporting the show you will receive access to a hidden section of the website which grants you bonus content such as:

*Our in-depth army reviews, with guest experts
*The entire HeelanHammer show archive (hundred of hours of listening)
*Race specific shows on events, tactics and list design
*Hobby guides (such as how to magnetise your army, dipping essentials)

As above, this is an additional “hidden” section on the website itself, which after payment and activation is visible to you. It is here you will find all the additional content.

Your support of the show is appreciated always
£10 for 6 months and £18.00 for 12 month access: