Episode 144: Flamin’ Hot News

Yo yo yo Fans!

Welcome once again to another episode of HeelanHammer! 31st of the month can only mean one thing, more Warhammer goodness to your ears! Today we chat about news, news more news, Fyreslayers, stories, lava bases…. all this and more on today’s Heeeeeeelanhammmmaaaaaaa…………

Episode 144: Flamin’ Hot News

00:02: News: News from Games Workshop and the community

00:33: Hot or Not: We rate stuff

00:36: War-room: A look at the recent Fyreslayer rules

01:02: Just Dip It: A chat about lava bases, including cork

01:08 Beardy Weirdy Weeks: What we’ve been upto in the hobby

01:29: Closing remarks

01:30 End of Show

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