Episode 142: The Christmas Show 2015 (‘Strategy’)

Yo yo yo Fans!

Welcome once again to another episode of HeelanHammer! 15th of the month and Christmas season can only mean one thing, more festive Warhammer goodness to your ears! Today we are joined by special guest BryanTheHobbyKiller as we chat about Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, news…. all this and more on today’s Heeeeeeelanhammmmaaaaaaa…………

Episode 142: The Christmas Show 2015 (‘Strategy’)

00:02: News: News from Games Workshop and the community

0:56: War-room: ‘OST’ - Objective/Strategy/Tactics

01:56 Beardy Weirdy Weeks: Christmas hobby

02:10: Closing remarks

02:15 Outtakes!

02:20 End of Show

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