Episode 101: Be Prepared

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Yo yo yo Fans!

Its that time again, 31st of the month is HeelanHammer time!

On today’s show we are joined by SimonOfHoeth. Our main topic is a discussion on tournament preparation, our thought process on list design, how we prepare, how we think we SHOULD prepare etc. We have the usual host of regular segments on various topics to fill your ears full of hobby and gaming talk, including a Hobby Hero segment as our Hero has been found! All this an more on todays Heeeelanhaammmmmmmmmmmer!

Ep101: Be Prepared
00:02: News: White Dwarf Changes
00:19: Topic: Tournament “Prep”
01:10 Hooby Hero: The Blood Throne
01:18: Tips Out: Hobby tips from a listener
01:22: Beardy Wierdy Weeks: Wayne, Simon and Dan discus their weeks in the hobby
01:57: End

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