Episode 177: The 12 Gryphs of Christmas

Yo yo yo!

Welcome fans, 15th of December can only mean one thing - Heelanhammer time! On today’s show we are joined by new guest Chris ‘Bruce’ Myhill as we chat tactics, list building, paint standards, christmas box sets, gryph hounds challenges… all this and more on today’s Heelanhammaaaaaaaa……

EpisodeEP177: The 12 Gryphs of Christmas

*News - from the community (SCGT/London GT dates) and Games Workshop (Battleforces etc)
*’War Room’ - review of a recent ‘Total Conquest’ game
*’Hobby Hero’ - review of our skirmish campaign
*’Internet Topic of the Week’ - chat about paint standards
*’Show us your tips’ - Interview with Chris Myhill on list building and sundry
*’Ghost Fence’ - wish listing/a look at 2018
*Close of show announcements
*End of Show

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