Episode 74: More than one ‘Tale’

Feb 03, 2012 3 Comments by

Yo yo yo Fans,

Welcome to another edition of HeelanHammer. This week Wayne and I report on our first games in our Tale of Two Hobbyists and all things relating to the campaign, as well as a tournament report from Dan on his time at the Sheffield Slaughter. The report comes with a warning: ‘Contains: Controversial Content’ :-)

As always, we are keen to hear your feedback on our forum or via email.

When you’ve had a listen, be sure to check out our sponsor Maelstrom Games for all your hobby needs.

Dan & Wayne
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  • Fun times

    Ant’s Rep in Australia is going to shit steadily he has been doing the exact same things over here and has been one of the biggest blights on our scene so please for the love of god take him back

  • William

    This is nice of you to say hiding behind an online shield hiding your identity. unless your willing to substantiate your claims against him and admit them in person -u00a0I suggest you retract your comment.u00a0I suggest you speak to the facts or not at all. Jealousy is a wonderful thing. He will be here to stay so put up or shut up ! If I was you I wouldu00a0listen to the next podcast and all will become clear.n

  • Jack

    How about sports sniping Theo at Clash of the Titans last year? or how about at the masters with the elastic tape measure and misquoting stats? Complaining about how broken the previous Tomb Kings were in 8th. Having a dummy spit when he didnt podium at a one dayer with the same list he took to the Oz Masters. Or how about the time when he was asked to back up a rule and when he couldnt find it, then demanded his opponent show him where it doesnt say he cant do itnnYep - Jealousy… or did you mean Jerk?