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Postby cerebros » Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:30 pm

Bit of a post to get roughly back on the usual timescale.

Alas it's still business as usual. Work continues on the Reavers as I try and get enough done for Blood and Glory. I'm having to work on a few more than I was planning to as I've still not figured out how I'm going to pin the standards back on the standard bearers, so on the offchance I can't figure it out before list deadline day I'm having to paint an extra three models.

What should have been another practice game with my list this week didn't quite pan out that way as my opponent turned up with a 2500 point army as it was his last practice game before Raze and Ruin this weekend. Needless to say that meant a bit of list rejigging on my part (just as well as for some reason I couldn't find my printed army list) but fortunately I had enough models on me to add a few bits to my list.

The game was one of those where it wasn't necessarily won in the deployment but I think I can say my opponent lost it there. He was running all Khorne Warriors, barring a Sorcerer Lord on Shadow, and he effectively castled himself in a corner which meant while his fast stuff rank across the table and got picked off piecemeal (despite not managing to do anything to his unit of Knights and Exalted on the way in, they couldn't hold up against a buff unit of of Swordmasters with +3I and Pha's on them and then I managed to run down his fleeing Exalted and surviving Knights), the two Warrior blocks got left behind. I'm hoping he learned something from the game as he was a reasonable way above the bottom of the standings at R&R.
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