Episode 77: It never rains, but it pours

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Yo yo yo Fans,

Welcome one and all to another episode of HeelanHammer. Today Wayne and I discuss the new Empire release, what we have been up to in the hobby (including a chat on the whys and wherefores of being attached or not to your army) and a report from the Whoops Apocalypse. We also touch on the paint release near the end of the show.

During the recording of the episode we had to brave a storm and as a result there is a certain ‘ambiance’ at various times throughout the recording. For this we apologise. We nearly relegated the episode to the cutting room floor (Dan has slight OCD about sound quality) but decided you had all waited long enough for the next EP.

As always, please remember to visit our sponsor Maelstrom Games for all your hobby needs (and Demigryphs!).

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Dan & Wayne


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