South Coast GT

The South Coast Grand Tournament ‘#SCGT’

This page brings together all of the information in one place for the world’s largest single Warhammer Fantasy Event.

Date for SCGT2018: 11th – 13th May 2018

Latest Rules Packs:

Main Event Pack: 2018 Tournament Pack (includes House Rules and Paint Showcase documents)

Narrative Bingo: Narrative Prophecy Bingo


• 2000pts Matched Play
• Compendium/forgeworld warscrolls will be in play
• Matched play scenarios with custom event scoring
• Side painting competition
• Friday open gaming
• Additional ‘side’ competition to run alongside the main event to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and current AoS Lore
(Players will need terrain as per previous years)



Open gaming from 14:00 (we are normally at the venue for 12:00 to set up – all help appreciated!)

Bar and food available in the evening.


• Registration: 08:15 – 08:45
• Announcements: 08:45 – 09:00
• Game 1: 09:00 – 11.45
• Lunch: 11:45 – 12:45 (provided)
• Game 2: 12:45 – 15:30
• Game 3: 15:45 – 18:30
• Evening: Open gaming / paint competition at the venue 18:15 – 23:00 (see later)


• Game 4: 09:00 – 11.45
• Lunch: 11:45 – 12:45 (provided)
• Game 5: 12:45 – 15:30
• Game 6: 15:45 – 18:30
• Presentation: 18:50
• Go Home: 19:15/30

To see what the event is all about check out past years’ action on YouTube

This event is held annually at Hordean Technology Colleage, Barton Cross, Hampshire

Since 2009 this event has been the largest singles event for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (200 players). In 2016, the event switched to Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, where it continues to be the largest event on the calendar.

Results for 2016 & 2017 can be found HERE

You can contact the organisers at: (only active from Feb – April each year)

There is a link on the TGA Community Forum TGA Forum event links/

Local Accommodation:

Premier Inn Horndean (Closest)

Corner House (B&B, 10 min drive)

Google is your friend.

Ticket Purchase Information:

*** If you are looking for a late ticket you are in luck! We still have spaces. Just pay your money to the bank (or paypal if you must!) below and we will get you added ***

*** Our initial ticket sales have sold 200+ in under a minute almost every year – entrants list follows in week after. Please still do apply if you want to come, every year we have drop outs that mean someone could play ***

*There is no ‘magic’ button/area to buy the ticket, you need to follow the instructions below to buy your ticket (the paypal deposit is the key for obtaining a ticket).
*Tickets will be £47.00.
*Tickets will go ‘on sale’ on Sunday 11th February at 20:00 GMT.
*There will be £2.00 deposit to pay via paypal (‘Gift’). We will use the time of the ticket sale to help us allocate tickets where this is required. This deposit is non refundable if you are allocated a ticket (see below).
*The PayPal address for payment is Payments made before the ticket sale open will drop to the bottom of the time stamp ‘queue’ if this separation is required, so please do not pay early.
*Players may pay for up to 15 people per transaction (i.e your club). Please dont abuse this option.
*Any players who effectively pay twice via another player (i.e you pay for you and your friend, and your friend does the same) will be automatically sent to the back of the “ticket” queue during ticket allocation. Over the last few years the increase in this “time stamp winning tactic” has caused us a massive headache.
*Full names of all players must be included in the paypal. If you are concerned about the extra typing time, I would suggest a copy/paste strategy
*During the week following the 11th, a list will go up with a list of initial confirmed entrants.
*Players will be allocated a player reference / ticket and asked then, during the next 28 days, to pay online via BACs/internet transfer (using the player reference) to our account the balance of £45.00.
*We will allocate tickets as we see fit (as does any event), which can be a multi stage process. Time of payment is very important but not the only factor (but the only factor in your control).
*Once we have allocated the initial tickets, other players will be placed on the reserve list. If/when paid players drop out refunds will be issued and the next player on the reserve will be “prompted”, allocated a player reference and given 14 days to pay the balance. Tickets are not transferable.
*Any player who does not gain entry to the event by the time the event arrives (through lack of spaces) will have their £2 refunded. This is the only situation where this refund will occur.
*Refunds of the balance of £45 will only be offered up to 28th April 2018. After this date they are non-refundable due to costs paid and often the inability at short notice to re-fill to spot.
*We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason. You will be told the reason if this is you and your money refunded.
*For the past few years this event has sold out within seconds so you will need to be fast. That said, every year we have had last minute places appearing. So I will say again, if you want to come, buy a ticket and wait for the call. Keep the weekend free; history tells us you will get in.
*When buying a ticket you accept our right to use images of your armies, and potentially you playing, in our promotion and coverage of the event.

Details for the balancing payment for SCGT tickets:

Please send the remaining £45 per player via online banking (preferably) to:

Online banking details:
The DWR Tournament Group
Barclays Bank
Sort Code 20-69-34
Account Number: 73565750

Alternatively, if you must(!), you can send a cheque to:

Make cheques payable to “The DWR Tournament Group”

Dan Heelan
Unit 1 Byngs Business Park
Soake Road

VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST use the player reference provided next to your name as your payment reference, for example “111”. If paying for more than one we need references for as many as will fit in the box. If you pay for more people than will fit in the box, we then need an email to with the date, amount paid, and which players the payment covered as a double check.

I cannot stress how important this is to us!

If you paid paypal in full by accident or arrangement, obviously you don’t need to make the above balancing payment

Entrants list 08 05 18

Player ID Player Name
1 Les Martin
2 James Eveleigh
5 Ben Smith
6 Ben Price
7 Chris Green
8 Matt Rodgers
9 Danny Allen
10 Tim Pearce
11 Nahum Evans
12 Ed Winnington
13 Jacob Cave
14 Matthew Ainge
15 Matthew Lyons
16 Jenny Lyons
17 Dom Hook
18 David Fulbrook
19 Ian Ralph
20 Mike Ralph
21 Adrian Downey
23 Daniel Ford
24 Joe Purcell
25 Paul Whitehead
26 Tim Fisher
27 Tim Holbrook
28 Paul Buckler
29 Ricky Mee
30 Shane Hurley
31 Christopher Cook
33 Sam Nice
34 Nick Hyland
35 Lee Badcock
39 Samuel Sendell
40 Chris Thompson
41 Craig Harvey
42 Jon Williams
43 James Wrath
44 Alex Mcgee
45 Ollie Fox
46 Ben Harper
47 Alex Bruce
48 Nick Thompson
49 Tom Parry
50 Lee Kay
51 Ian Spink
52 Keiran Harper
53 Marcus Crawley
54 Robert Sedgeman
55 Forrest Wilhoite
56 James Brown
57 Karl Wadey
58 Matt Braiser
59 Marcus Crawley
60 Liam Cook
61 Alasdair Baird
62 Phil Ashley
63 Pano
64 Rob Perrin
65 Amy Bellringer
66 Michael Browning
67 Russ Ward
68 Dan Ryan
70 Garry Marshall
71 Martyn Ives
72 Dan Lavender
74 Andrew Hughes
75 Jason Smith
76 Spencer Talbot
78 Ian Hannam
79 Ben Johnson
80 Ben Curry
82 Ellis Priestley
83 Nicky marland
84 Thomas Lambert
85 Ian o Brien
86 Nathan Foster
87 Ritchie McAlley
88 Gary Percival
89 Ben Diesel
90 Matthew Arnold
95 Owen Farmer
96 Tim Bussell
98 Stewart Callander
99 Jack Armstrong
100 Craig Namvar
101 Steve Wren
102 Andy Davies
103 Ben Van Bruul
104 Matthew Croad
105 William Morriss
106 Charles Fryer
107 Chris Chuter
108 Glenn Wilkinson-Tough
109 Alex Harrison
110 Robert Reynolds
111 Hedley Crocker
112 Scott Harmon
113 Gary Fisher
114 Jamie Clarke
115 Ollie Mew
116 Craig Ferrigan
117 James Allen
118 Martin Clarke
119 Edward Hamon
120 James McClennan
127 Bryan Carmichael
128 Greg Dann
129 Pete Scholey
130 Adi McWalter
131 John Dale
132 Alex Gonzalez
133 Chris Myhill
134 Ric Myhill
135 Peter Myhill
136 Andrew Scott
137 Collin Collar
138 Chris Brine-Howe
139 Ross Macintosh
140 Darren Watson
141 Posh Mike
142 Michael Vernon
143 Jason Cook
144 Jonny Darbyshire
145 Terry Pike
147 Max Halford
148 Anthony Moylan
150 Dan Comeau
153 Matthew Arnold
154 John Greene
155 James Hayday
156 Nigel Barlett
157 Justin Oxman
158 Andrwe Munden
159 Tom Hewitt
160 Adam Hazelwood
161 William Philpott
162 Michael Wilson
163 Balal Zafar
164 Paul Rollason
165 James O’Brien
166 Steve Dooley
167 Arthur Treitl
168 Alex Read
169 Posh Mikes’ Mate
170 Chris White
171 Marc Wilson

That should be everything we need to tell you about! We thank you in advance yet again for your support; this AoS event is going to be epic!

Cant wait to see you all in May.

Dan, Wayne & Russ