Yo yo yo Awesome Listener!

Welcome to our Super Awesome Wargamer’s Club (SAWC) page. Since 2009 we’ve been producing content for Warhammer Fantasy (now known as Age of Sigmar), mainly in the form of Podcasts and YouTube.

We’ve been active in the event scene since 1999, travelling all round the world enjoying the hobby. We’ve also been lucky enough to be playtesters for Games Workshop, and run the UK’s largest Age of Sigmar tournament.

The show has covered all aspects of the hobby and play.

If you love our show, you can help support us and make the show better by signing up here.

We now manage this via our Patreon page

Why are we using Patreon?

Well, mainly because its the easiest way to get a secure RSS feed these days, but more than this we wanted to return the community feel we used to have with a forum many years ago. Tech and applications have moved on, and the interaction with ‘Discord’ makes this even better.

Aside from this, to continue to refresh equipment and travel the world attending the events you all like hearing about, in addition to hosting costs etc, we need to cover our costs.

What do you get?

Firstly, at least 1 additional podcast show in a calendar month. This has always been a ‘SAWC’ cornerstone and will remain so. More than this however, you will have daily access to some of the best generals in the world via our Discord channel. Depending on the member level, you can have your list critiqued right here by these generals!

With Age of Sigmar V2.0 about to appear, what better time to really get that involved with that.

What about if I have a SAWC 1.0 subscription?

Then no problem! You will still continue to have the same additional shows you did/would have received (and at a bargain price!). We aren’t stopping support for that until the last persons sub is expired, we just aren’t taking on any new members to it. If you would like the additional benefits the discord brings, this is done via the new 2.0 sub.

That fact you are reading this means you are a listener to the show, and therefore awesome. Regardless of whether you decide to support the show in this way, thank you for time in listening to us talk about hobby – it really is listener enthusiasm that has kept us ‘casting for all these years.

Dan & Wayne

P.S if you do sign up for one of the plans (‘pledges’) using discord, be sure to download and register with the discord app first to make life easier https://discordapp.com/