Episode 180: Age of Sigmar v2 and SCGT18 Winners

Yo yo yo!

Welcome fans, 15th of June can only mean one thing – Heelanhammer time! On today’s show we are we chat Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars, Malign Sorcery, SCGT, General’s Handbook 2018… all this and more on today’s Heelanhammaaaaaaaa……

EpisodeEP180: Age of Sigmar v2 and SCGT18 Winners

*’News’ – We chat AoS2 and launch our new ‘SAWC’ 2.0!
*’War Room’ – Interview with Jack Armstrong, Champion (Winner), SCGT 2018
*’Hobby Hero’ – Interview with Matt Lyons, Best Painted Army Winner, SCGT 2018
*Close of show announcements
*End of Show (2hr:56min)

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